You wield the sword of truthfulness

and with it pierce my heart

Demonstrating that my judgment

was in error from the start


Maybe honesty is not  the best policy after all?


But what you fail to see

that I have known all along

Is when one’s actions match their words

the truth is never wrong.


It’s when there is duplicity

that some concealment may be needed

when the rules of common decency

and community are not heeded.


Though you serve me boldly now

A plate of open-faced bitter I cannot digest…

I’ll walk away, with my head held high

leaving you to drown in your mire and suggest…


Perhaps… honesty is  the best policy after all!


©April 9, 2014

Dani Heart



I must confess that I could not wait to do this part of blog prompt.  We will see if I can stop at 21.

1. Wind. All wind really.. even crazy wind, but my hands down favorite is a light rustling breeze.  The kind that sweeps the leaves into a circle, or a  sudden sweeping motion as if they all suddenly got up and decided to move at the same time, when you are walking down a street.  Whispering, Playful, whimsical, soul inspiring wind.

2. Genuine displays of affection between people in love. Not making out in public, groping, in heat behavior! I’m talking about a soft touch of the cheek, holding hands, a sneaky sniff because they can’t help themselves, a caress of the shoulder.  We’ve all seen it. It’s  the little things that signify the big truly deep emotions. The little gestures that make us go “I want that” “I want what they have”.  This past weekend I went to a blogger mini  meet-up.  I met the lovely Rarasaur and her husband Grayson. It is beyond sweet the way they hold hands and anyone who is looking can tell they are truly in love. Very inspirational. I am lucky enough to have that kind of love in my life, and it makes me so happy when I see that others have it too.

3. Color. Bright vivid color. My favorite color is purple, then green, then orange, then yellow, but I love all colors and lately I have been quite passionate about orange.  :)


4.  Colorful housewares, gadgets, particularly kitchen stuff (utensils), but all housewares really.


5.  Rainbows (See #4) LOL Seriously though, who doesn’t smile even just a little when they see a rainbow. :)

6.  The smell and taste of Coffee. Love love love Coffee!


7.  Straws that don’t bend, but are just the right length. :)

8.  The moon when it is so bright that you don’t need any other light to see.

Jeremy's birthday 018

9.  Sunsets. I don’t think this one needs any explaining.

Sun going down on us

Sun going down on us

10.  Sunroofs.  I always thought them impractical until I had one at age 39, now I won’t get a car without one.  I love to drive (especially at night when it is cold) with the sun roof open and the heat on full blast at my feet.

11.  Crocs. Off the chart comfort in every fabulous color you can imagine.


12.  Bodies of water, especially flowing bodies of water.  Everything about them, the smell, the sound, the feeling of river current on your feet, waterfalls falling over you.  Rivers are my favorite, but oceans are pretty awesome too.


13.  Campfire.  Magic happens at campfire.



14.  Trees.

005 ???????????????????????????????

15.  Organization, and tools that facilitate organization.  A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

16.  Photography. The art of capturing life’s magic.

17.  Books, libraries, the world at our fingertips.

18.  Buffalos


19.  Golden Eagles

20.  Flowers


21.  Movies

22. Chershire Cats, well cats in general really, but especially the fictional Cheshire Cat, so wish he was real. :)





Today I read a post from the lovely Rarasaur.  She has decided to participate in a prompt that is making it’s rounds in the blogosphere, 21 Things I irrationally love/hate.  I have decided to participate too. So here goes.

1. Cashier’s that hand you coins on top of paper money, (especially in the drive-thru!).  Seriously, this is just a common sense thing to me.

2. People who chew gum like a cow and smack it, and think they’re cool! So high school.

3.  Drivers who don’t understand what YIELD means.

4.  Litterbugs. Especially those that discard cigarette butts and believe that’s okay.  (News flash, they are not bio-degradable) They end up in our oceans harming our marine life and ultimately us!

5.  The smell of beer, garlic on a person, spearmint, and fish. (Makes me hork, don’t know why)

6. Automated voice routing, and voice prompts when you call a company for service.  (Especially when it doesn’t understand your voice and makes you keep repeating yourself!)

7.  Pencils

8. Lack of color.  I detest bland colorless depressing environments.

9.  Statuses with sappy stories cleverly marketed to evoke emotions and garner (likes) possibly for profit.

10. People cutting in line.

11.  Paying for parking, like at hospitals, really?

12.  File folder clippy thingies.  (fasteners)

13.  Drug commercials. ( I don’t want to hear about, cialis, viagra, lipitor, abilify, in the middle of my show.  It’s all so depressing.  I once had a doctor tell me that many drugs are marketed to the public before doctors even know about them.

14. Wife beater t-shirts.  No it’s not just the horrible moniker…they’re just ugly.

15.  Anything sticky.

16. Vaulted Ceilings, so impractical.

17.  Suburbans (Chevy car model)

18.  Thongs  (Butt floss)

19.  Cigarette smoke

20. Bendable straws

21. Paper bags (itchy itchy)

So that’s my list. Tomorrow I will post things I love… I can’t imagine any of those being irrational. ;)

What about you? What are some things you love/hate irrational or not?



Do you believe in Aliens? It’s a simple question really, and most people have a definitive answer.  About half of our society believes that they do not exist, that we are all there is.  IMHO That’s a little arrogant.  I think just the fact that we exist leaves open the possibility that others do also.  To me it just makes sense.

I never paid much attention to UFO stories or theories about Alien life until I had an experience that to this day I cannot explain.  Now of course, I pay more attention to the phenomena.  Last night we were watching one of those shows about unexplained things…and UFOs are always included in the unexplained. There was a story about a guy who saw a little saucer in his field (in another country) and he was mesmerized. The door opened and he heard voices but couldn’t understand what they were saying, then the door closed and the saucer promptly left. Upon leaving it’s propulsion systems blasted the guy.. he was that close, and left unexplained marks on his abdomen that randomly reappeared on his skin throughout his life.  Who knows if it’s all hype… all the better for ratings and the show, right? Anyway I turned to my wife and said “What would you do if you saw that?” To which she quickly replied RUN! I would so be outa there!  LOL  So it got me to thinking about how people react in such circumstances.  Why some people run, and others are so curious that they remain.  It also brought up my own memory.

My experience was not your garden variety UFO sighting, it was a little more up close and personal in nature, and it unnerves me still when I think about it.

It was a night like any other after the work day… kids, homework, dinner, tv and bed.  Oh and back in those days we often had a night cap before bed during our shows.  At this time we had an upstairs bedroom in the center of the house. We used window fans to keep cool because we hadn’t yet put in air conditioning.  I love the fresh night air… it has always been soothing to me.  Anyway we drifted into a wonderful slumber with kitties arranged into snuggle positions and commenced to sleep peacefully until….

Have you ever woke to someone staring at you… you just start to wake up because you know someone is there and looking at you, perhaps wanting something?  Well if you are a mom (or dad) you might have experienced this.  There have been many nights where I have woken to one of our boys standing or sitting next to me, watching me, as if their mere presence would wake me so that they wouldn’t have to, which of course it did, and they would then be comforted from their nightmare of zombie chasing and cuddled till they could go back to sleep.  Ah the joys of parenting.

By the light of the moon

By the light of the moon

This night a similar thing happened, I felt as though someone were watching me, and I stirred from sleep expecting to find one of my children in need of comforting.  What I saw instead when I opened my eyes was a face very unlike my own, with large dark eyes, and a small mouth, just inches away from my face. As though a person were standing next to the bed and leaning over to peer at someone sleeping so that their face would be aligned with the sleeping person if they were to open their eyes.  I froze, wide eyed in disbelief trying to make sense of what I was seeing. Our room was never completely dark at night because we had lots of windows so it was always easy to navigate without the use of lights if you had to visit the bathroom.  This all happened in seconds but it seemed in slow motion. The feeling I got from what I saw was curiosity, but it took only seconds of processing for me to realize this wasn’t one of my children and for the the fight or flight response to kick in.  I then screamed bloody murder and shot bolt right up in the bed, and it was gone!, poof!, like it had never been there. My wife, having only heard me scream like that once or twice in all our years, shot out of the bed to a standing position ready to kill whatever was the threat.  The cats flew in unison to who knows where, all three of them.  I was instantly out of bed searching the room, looking out the window, down the hall checking on the boys, all safe in their beds snoring ( I swear boys can sleep through anything) , looking desperately for some rational explanation for what I saw.  There was none.  My first thought was it might have been one of the boys playing an awful joke, as clearly they would not have been above this at that age. sighs..  Not only were they all sleeping, there was really no way they could have run down the hall in those seconds of hyper awareness without us knowing. The next day just in case, I went through their things searching for anything that could resemble what I saw, and nothing.  No costumes, no masks, I did find dirty socks, and petrified food, but nothing to explain the unexplained.  and so to this day it remains… unexplained.  My wife said “maybe you were dreaming?”, but I wasn’t… I was awake, and my eyes were open just like when one of our boys would come in.  I have never in my life had a hallucination, nor have I ever done any kind of drug that would cause one.  It was and is… the strangest thing that has ever happened to me.  Was it an Alien?… who knows.  All I know for certain is that I can’t explain what I saw, that does not mean however, that there is not an explanation, only that I am not privy to it.

So what about you? Do you believe in Aliens?  If you saw something would you run, or investigate? Things being how they are today… I would definitely grab my phone and start taking photos for evidence and facebook. ;)

The Spicy McChicken sandwich from McDonalds

     Image credit  http://animmovablefeast.blogspot.com/

Another camping weekend has come and gone.  We have our routine pretty much down but this time I think we were a little out of our normal sync.  At least I know I was. I just couldn’t seem to stay focused on getting ready.  2014 has been a busy and wonderful year so far with lots of happenings to keep my brain multi-tasking, which clearly, I do not do well.  My wife took it easy on me and slowed down, just a little bit, the fevered excited pace that she throws herself into when getting ready.  I kid you not, my wife is very serious about camping.  Still everything went according to plan, but due to the fact that we took our time heading out..we now had less time to eat before starting our adventure.

Enter bright idea… giggles. We said lets just hit a drive through on our way out. We haven’t done that in ages. It will be a treat.  We debated a few choices and settled on McDonalds due to the ample parking area behind where we could put the trailer while we got our fix.  Did I say fix? Why yes I did… and I meant it.  McDonalds food is like crack, not that I know what that’s like of course, but I can well imagine.  Pictured above is my favorite treat/fix from McDonalds. I like heat, and the Spicy McChicken sandwich was just the ticket.  Noelle opted for a Big Mac, and we both splurged and got fries.  I used to love McDonalds fries.  Sadly the fries did not taste how either of us had remembered.  Maybe it’s because we eat more healthy these days, but geesh.  We gobbled them down anyway, can’t waste hot fries.  So we’re driving down the road now…stuffing our faces with yummy go food, and we’re feeling pretty good, the food/drug is working.  We are UP and happy, and chatting excitedly as we make our way to our favorite camping spot about an hour away.  Here’s where it gets ugly…

Have you ever listened to a cassette recorder when the battery is dying…the music slows and becomes garbled…until it stops… if you haven’t… trust me when I tell you it’s a most disconcerting sound.

As the effects of the crack/food wore off..we started crashing hard.  We managed to find our space and get the trailer leveled pretty easily despite our post food stupor, but once we needed to start physically exerting ourselves  with the set up… it was over!  Our set-up usually takes us about 30-40 minutes total.  I don’t even know how long it took us. Every time I carried a bag into the trailer I felt my body cry with fatigue.  Each little physical exertion indicated that a rest period should follow.  Normally we fly through this, no breaks, no slow downs, wham bamm, we’re up and ready.  OMFG!!!  were we dragging!  Note to selves: We will not be doing that again…ever!!!!!

I guess the moral of this story is… it truly does matter what we eat.  When we need our bodies to work we need to provide them with the proper fuel. Neither of us could ever recall there being such an obvious correlation between what we ate and how our bodies performed.  To me, that’s telling.  Fast food is a rarity for us anyway, but now we will be even more mindful.

stagecoach in Noelle 054

This is me in my favorite green shirt..well one of them anyway.

You might not know this about me but I really don’t enjoy clothes shopping, unless of course, I am shopping for Noelle.  I love shopping for her.  When I do find something that I truly love, which is rare, I tend to stock up.  So when I found the shirt in the above photo I did just that.  I purchased 2 of them cause that’s all they had.  Trust me when I tell you if they had had 10, I would have bought them all. I cannot tell you how many times when I didn’t stock up that I was unable to find whatever said desired item was when I decided it was time to go looking for it. Sighs… story of my life. So now I always stock up.  Most of the time this works out quite well for me. I do it in other areas of shopping as well.    Clothing trends change and often what is in fashion may not look good on certain body types… ie mine.  This makes it doubly important to stock up when I find what I like and what looks good.  Example below of a shirt I did purchase 8 or 10 of.

One of many of my baby T's (purple purple purple, oh and green too. How I miss Mervyns

One of my many baby T’s (purple purple purple, oh and green too. How I miss Mervyns

Time and wear erases everything eventually. Such is life. My favorite green shirts were getting see-through spots in certain areas and HOLES! As a friend of mine would say.. the rudeness!!! 

Yesterday I held my favorite green shirts close as I said my last goodbyes then unceremoniously tossed them into the waste bucket.  Nothing to do now but move on and find the next set of fabulous shirts.

What about you? Do you get attached and sentimental about any of your clothing? Do you have trouble finding must have items that fit perfectly?

Who ever said your boobs are the first thing to go when you lose weight is a BIG FAT LIAR!!!  I know I have mentioned weight loss before to my audience.  I have been dieting and I am doing quite well actually, save for the month of Dec 2013.  We won’t discuss how bad we blew it during the holidays (diet wise).  Anyway.. since the new year we are back to our regimens and our exercise. Go us! I have shaved off nearly 30 pounds now… and you would think that some of that would be boobage… and you would be gravely mistaken.  Sighs…

Now don’t get me wrong… I like boobs… a lot in fact, but there comes a size when they are just too cumbersome and uncomfortable. When you can lay someone out by turning around too fast (bra-less) without ever raising a fist… you might have a little too much boobage.  When your chiropractor puts you on the inversion thingy and turns you upside down and you nearly suffocate… you might have a little too much boobage.

One of the things that excited me about losing some weight was that I would have less boobage to deal with.  A nice D cup is awesome but… bigger than that (I think) can be a challenge for the person wearing them.  Just my opinion.  I have lost 4 inches in my band size and although my boobs have not gotten any larger (or smaller) my cup size has increased from a 44 F to a 40 L.  I think after finding the handy dandy sizing chart on a couple of websites that I was perhaps wearing a smaller size cup than needed before I started dieting, but sheesh, seriously an L???!!!   I did not know cup sizes even went up that high.   But that’s the size my measurements indicate I should be wearing according to the chart.   My wife has also lost close to 30 lbs. and 4 inches around and is having the same problem.  She too has lost nothing in her boobs.  WTF???!!!

Herein lies the other difficulty;  even at the big girl stores.. once you are above a certain cup size… there is NO place you can go to try a bra on.  I found this out the hard way when I hit all my local retailers with the new sizes we needed and found zilch.  Not only did my search prove fruitless… but I was told by more than one sales person that my wife was an anomaly, that only people who have had boob jobs have a cup size that large while being so small around.  REALLY???!!!  In the end you just have to  order online and trust the size charts and hope said bra fits when it arrives in the mail.  Don’t get me started of the price of a bra that actually supports  large breasts, you almost need to be independently wealthy.  I guess if nothing else this serves as encouragement to stick to my weight loss goals.  Eventually the boobs have to get smaller right?


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